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Security Guards Perform A Variety Of Duties

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Should you require the services of a security company, you may be pleasantly surprised at the wide range of available services. Security guards perform a variety of duties that help protect people, property, and personal belongings.

Event Security

Security companies such as Polo Security Services Ltd provide guards to monitor events of all kinds. From a private party to a world renowned performance or concert, security guards can be on site ensuring the safety of those in attendance. Security guards can be placed strategically around the venue, or they can mingle amongst the guests.

Some private parties may ask that security guards attend dressed to fit in with the crowd. This is up to the client.

Security guards are commonly seen at sporting events. Fans are passionate about their favorite teams, sometimes too passionate and need someone to intervene.

Commercial Security

Many places of business require, or prefer to have security guards on their premises. If you are a business owner looking for security guards you can expect to be offered services including:

  • Gate or entry protection – guards can be placed at gates, reception desks, or other places of entry to ensure only those who are authorized are permitted on the premises.
  • Property patrol – security guards patrol the property on foot or by vehicle.
  • Door lock inspection – should you have doors that are to remain locked even during business hours, security guards can be assigned to make sure doors are secured.
  • Camera surveillance – security personnel can monitor your property by the use of cameras. This type of monitoring is sometimes done onsite for large companies that have the equipment. Cameras can also be placed on your property and monitored offsite. These guards are highly trained to know what to look for in the way of suspicious activity. They also make sure that camera equipment is functioning properly.

Security guards are available for your place of business 24/7. You decide what hours you want to be covered.

Residential Services

Residents sometimes band together and hire security services to patrol their neighborhoods. This is an excellent way to ensure the safety of your family and your home. Patrol cars with uniformed security guards driving them, is a great way to keep burglars and intruders out of the neighborhood.

Highly Trained Professionals

Professional security guards are trained to do exemplary jobs while protecting their clients. Not only are they trained by their employer, but they take special instructions from their clients to ensure they do the job they are contracted to perform.