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Getting A Security Guard License In Canada: What You Need To Know

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So, you want to become a security guard; you enjoy helping people and would enjoy a job that allows you to exercise a certain sense of authority. In the past, Canadian law allowed you to get hired by a security firm without a license. When this was the case, the security firm would handle training you and licensing you. Today, however, all security guards must obtain a license independent of their employers. The nice thing about this is that, should you choose to work for a different security firm down the road, you won't have to go through the licensing process again.

Check Your Eligibility

First of all, understand that each Canadian province has its own requirements in place for security guard eligibility, so you'll want to check with your specific province to ensure that you're eligible to pursue a license at this point in time. Specifically, some provinces have higher age requirements than others. In all cases, you'll need to be a legal Canadian resident and have a clean criminal record in order to pursue a security guard license. Furthermore, in some provinces, you won't be eligible for a license if you're already serving on a police force.

Take a Class

Once you've determined that you're eligible for a security guard license in Canada, you'll need to enroll in an approved training class. Often times, these are offered at local colleges and universities for a nominal fee, though some police departments may also offer their own security guard training. During your training course, you'll learn the basics, such as common radio codes, how to handle specific situations, and what your legal boundaries are as a security guard.

Pass a Test

Once you've completed your basic security guard training course, you'll need to take and pass an exam administered by your province. Specifically, this test is a multiple-choice exam and typically consists of 50-60 questions. You'll have two hours to complete the test. Once you've passed it, you can officially apply for a license with your province. So long as you have documentation that you've completed all of your training requirements, you should be approved for your security guard license. You will need to go to your local Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services office to have your picture taken and obtain your physical license. At that point, you can begin applying for jobs as a licensed security guard (at places such as palisade group security service).